Preschool Program

At Wauwatosa Day Care & Learning Centers, our preschool children, ages 2 1/2 to 6 years, grow through positive relationships with each other and their teachers. Our experienced, certified preschool teachers help children learn and socialize. In our Preschool Program, teachers create and foster a learning community by planning activities in which all children participate, helping children to learn and make friends. Teachers provide a learning curriculum that makes each day new and exciting.

Comprehensive Theme-based Curriculum

Believing that children learn in a number of ways, we want to make sure we offer them varied opportunities to learn, but in a way that suits them best. Our weekly, theme-based curriculum is comprehensive yet provides for the individual needs of each child. With a theme-based curriculum, we are able to motivate the children by making learning meaningful, relevant, and fun. The daily lesson starts with a “group time” to introduce the concept or skill the class will be working on. Concepts and skills are then reinforced in our “Learning Centers” (i.e. art, science, math, etc.). Our Preschool Program curriculum has a routine focused on basic learning skills (letter/word recognition, number recognition, counting, etc.) while incorporating those high-interest activities that make learning fun!

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